Our aim is to get the world to hear your music. And our music services provide the skills and planning you need to build up your reputation in a competitive market place.

Our aim is to find you a new audience and to drive rapid and sustained career growth.


Full stack artist management, supporting artist development across live programming, campaign management, releases, marketing and PR and plugging (radio and print/online).

We’ve built a platform that is designed to support artists in every aspect of their growth using our in-house capabilities. We also have external relationships that will help our artists take the right steps at the right time, meaning we’re perfectly placed to grow the team around our artists with the best people.

Our job as artist managers is to champion our artists, build their reputation, and connect them with the right people at the right time to grow their careers.


We work with artists on their music releases to maximise impact. We take full control over end-to-end campaigns, from strategy definition through to planning, execution, and analysis. We do the hard work to ensure your music gets heard.


Our marketing & PR team are working with artists to accelerate growth and engagement for them online and helping them to build, manage and monetise their digital presence. It all starts with a creative strategy that feeds into your social media, streaming growth, live gigs, PR and release campaigns.

To find out more about how we can work together, drop us an email at info@modernagemusic.co.uk